Hiking trip to Taman Eco Rimba Kanching, Rawang

A group of about 50 employees including their family members and members from different departments set off on a hiking trip to Taman Eco Rimba Kanching, Rawang last weekend on the 5th August 2023 organised by PERSOL PBS, MYClub committees.

Upon arriving at Kanching falls trail, the group started with a moderately challenging hike surrounded by lushed greeneries and chirping sound of birds, an escape we all needed from the usual urban lifestyle. As soon as we reaches the first tier of Kanching falls, some of them immediately took a dip in the pool while a few other ‘bravehearts’ continued on.

The hiking escapade, however, served a dual purpose – not only did it allow us to rejuvenate our spirits, but it also provided a valuable occasion for relaxation and bonding. Amidst the natural splendor, we shared hearty laughter, engaging conversations, and forged meaningful connections that were truly enriching.

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