Company Trip with Persol PBS

Company trip can be fun! Persol PBS has recently organised a trip to Janda Baik that consist of over 90 participants. The purpose of this trip is to corelate with Persol group vision, Work and Smile pillar : For We (team) – for a sense of shared achievement , and for camaraderie. Upon arrival at Cheringin Hill Resort, everyone was treated with light refreshment and durians! The second day follows by a brief exercise games then explaining all the team building activities. Participants are immediately split into multiple groups and every members from each groups need to work together as a team to complete all the challenges. The evening ends with a Barbie Themed Barbeque Dinner hosted by Persol PBS. Everyone came dressed in Pink and White! There was laughter, dance and endless karaoke session to celebrate the evening. Congratulations to our best dress Barbie and Ken!  
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