We are part of a multi-billion revenue Group, which operates across 13 markets and has a strong presence in Japan, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. We work with our group companies across the region, not just providing business support, but also actively improving business processes. We are on the search for exceptional candidates to be part of our newly setup Center of Excellence to deliver a broad range of services & initiatives across Asia Pacific.

Why Choose Us?

We offer a comprehensive range of essential business support services, tailored to meet the specific needs. Our diverse portfolio includes accounting, payroll management, human resources, administrative tasks, and information technologies. We also strive, as part of PERSOL Group to improve businesses processes where it is required.

Unleash Your
True Potential

We focus in your well-being so that you can be engaged and enjoy your work.

Connecting the
Hearts and Minds

We are getting people to understand that they’re going to have more flexibility, focus on getting the work done and allowing teams to feel like teams.


We are focusing on impact beyond outcomes. We are not just dealing with “the business,” but rather continuing to do what matters in the world.

Thinking about your next career move? Excellent career advancement, great benefits, and fun culture await you!

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