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When, while the lovely valley teems with vapour around me, and the meridian sun strikes the upper surface of the impenetrable foliage of my trees.

4th Quarterly Town Hall Meeting

We had our 4th quarterly town hall meeting last week, joined by senior executive team from Persol Holding Co LTD, Japan. They provided insights on leveraging “Work and Smile,” which became an opportunity to bond with our employees and understand Malaysia’s multi-cultural, multi-ethnic society. We are grateful to host the senior executive team and to show you our Malaysia hospitality throughout your visit. We would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the awardees! Thank you for your […]

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Happy Deepavali from Persol PBS

Today during lunch time, everyone took a short break and came together to celebrate Deepavali in the office. There were decoration, music, food and prizes. Many attended adorned in beautiful traditional saree showcasing the timeless cultural of Indian community. The committee also prepared various type of Indian dishes such as briyani, curry chicken, mutton, fish and papadom. Whilst everyone is having lunch, the Henna competition was going on in “Redang Room”, Henna is a traditional body art creating intricate and […]

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Company Trip with Persol PBS

Company trip can be fun! Persol PBS has recently organised a trip to Janda Baik that consist of over 90 participants. The purpose of this trip is to corelate with Persol group vision, Work and Smile pillar : For We (team) – for a sense of shared achievement , and for camaraderie. Upon arrival at Cheringin Hill Resort, everyone was treated with light refreshment and durians! The second day follows by a brief exercise games then explaining all the team […]

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PERSOL Work and Smile X Ice Cream Day

“We believe when we find fulfillment in our work, we will Work and Smile and that’s why it is very important for us to create a culture where everyone can Work and Smile” Carlmen Then, Head of PERSOL PBS Today at PERSOL PBS, we launched the renewed group vision “Work and Smile”. It is a simple phrase that emphazises the idea that though work may sometimes be challenging, approaching it with a positive attitude can lead to better outcome, improve […]

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Hiking trip to Taman Eco Rimba Kanching, Rawang

A group of about 50 employees including their family members and members from different departments set off on a hiking trip to Taman Eco Rimba Kanching, Rawang last weekend on the 5th August 2023 organised by PERSOL PBS, MYClub committees. Upon arriving at Kanching falls trail, the group started with a moderately challenging hike surrounded by lushed greeneries and chirping sound of birds, an escape we all needed from the usual urban lifestyle. As soon as we reaches the first […]

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